Move Up Marketing Group is a local digital marketing agency where We Care About Your Success. Our team is made up of geniuses in advertising, social media and web design. We hire the most qualified marketers to run your campaigns after rigorous vetting. If your company needs recruitment for an in-house marketing team, we can help with that too.

If your company would prefer working with an agency that is always available for your needs and is on standby when you need them, even in emergencies, then we are here for you 24/7.

Here’s a little something about us. We are a boutique marketing firm, and we are local. We always pick up the phone or give you a call back if we are in a meeting. Our CEO is a power woman and mother of four. We are real people running a real marketing agency to bring you the best results we can. If you like working with real people that CARE ABOUT YOUR SUCCESS, and you hear yourself saying, “YES I WANT THIS!” then contact us today!


Our digital marketing agency is modern. We always look at the newest trends and see how we can best apply them to serve our customers’ needs. Here is what we do:

  • Create high-performance websites, and full branding packages with a smile
  • Research your market and do custom SEO copywriting for your brand
  • Apply AI technology or visual delight to your new or existing WordPress website with custom coding
  • Fix websites that are hacked, clean your files and get you and up and running
  • Video Production and Creation of Employee Training Videos
  • Manage your social media as if we are part of your team
  • Do expert Pay-Per-Click, lowering your costs, bringing you more sales (if you have the right budget)
  • Develop custom mobile apps or plugins
  • Linkedin lead generation and outreach, and ads
  • Facebook Advertising only for select industries with large adspends
  • SEO for select industries: addiction recovery, niche SMBs, mid-market enterprise firms in the manufacturing industry


If your needs fit our specialty areas, please contact us today!


We do marketing for select SMBs. This is because we have been in the industry long enough to know what works. If you don’t have the budget for an adspend in the $1000’s we recommend you network more and build your business more before you hire us. We are here to increase your revenue, but Google and Facebook require higher adspends, and we do not want to deliver sub-par results to you. Of course, if you are in a very low-competition niche, we can do some SEO and get you ranking pretty quickly. Check out our case studies for some successful digital marketing campaigns. If you feel that you would be a good fit and would like to work with us, please connect with us!





If you were one of those companies that had a sour taste from a former company, we are the digital marketing agency that will change that for you. Oftentimes we fix other companies’ mistakes. We offer instant replies and quick customer service with a smile and a text message. We treat you like family and we put you first. Just ask us for references from a few of our happy customers. 




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