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f you are looking for a Google Ads specialist that manages your Google Ads, we are here for you. Also be sure to read this whole article if you are curious about what Google Ads are, as this is an extensive guide of what works.

We recommend Google Ads for these types of businesses:

  1.  Small niche businesses that want to get customers fast and have $1300 minimum a month to spend
  2.  Startup businesses that want to get clientele quickly and have a robust budget depending on their niche.
  3.  Established businesses that want to get more customers and have a decent budget.
  4.  High competition businesses that have a very good advertising budget that has products or services that provide a high return on investment.

If your business fits into one of these categories, then yes, Google Ads can definitely boost your business, get you more leads and sales. Ready to go get those leads?


Yes, Google Ads will bring you more customers if you fall into one of the four categories above and if you have a good campaign manager. Google advertising will not work for small businesses that are in a high competition niche that have a very low advertising budget. Google ads are based on a bidding system, and as such the estimated cost per click that your agency provides you is solely an estimate. If a company in your niche bids higher on a keyword that you are competing for, if the campaign optimization is equal and the ad and landing page are relevant but they are bidding more, they will rank higher. However, if your campaign optimization is better, your landing page is converting more because it has a better design and more call-to-action, Google will reward you with a better ranking. Need someone to set up the campaign properly for you and manage it monthly? Get a Google Ads specialist!


Google Adwords is a PPC (Pay-Per-Click) form of advertising online. It is now called Google Ads. It is a platform created by the Google search engine to allow companies to rank higher than the naturally ranking companies on the page. Hence, Google Adwords is a pay for play ranking tool. As such, companies that want to rank for certain keywords will hire an agency to set up their account and or manage it per month for them. The agency would optimize or make the campaign appealing to Google’s eyes so the Google algorithm rewards the ad by placing it higher. The Pay-Per-Click system charges you only when a potential customer clicks on your ad and is based on an auction system much like a mini bid war. However, it is a really great way to get customers to your business. Want to rank higher on Google? Do Google Ads!


If you have done Google Ads in the past and didn’t rank, or if you are new to Google advertising and want to rank, we can help. There is a way to win with this platform and get more customers and grow your business and we would love to help do that for you. One of the most important things in ranking high for Google ads is the quality score. This is a ranking system Google uses to rate the quality of your keywords in conjunction to the relevance of your landing page or website page and your adcopy. If all things are equal on this score on your side and a competitor’s then Google will take into factor how much you are bidding. Google’s main goal in ranking your ad higher is to reward your efforts when you are providing relevant, useful ads that are of quality to the user. Want to win on Google Ads?


As Google Ads specialists we are well versed with all forms of Google advertising campaigns. This is because we have gathered a wealth of experience and great results for our clients. Currently, Google offers different campaign types for varied goals. Here are the different campaign types:

Search Campaign:

Search campaign ads are what we use for all campaigns that we do for the most part. They appear at the top of the Search Engine Ranking Page which is the page you land on when you type a keyword in the Google search box. These Search ads show up on the top 1-3 or 4th spot above any other results on the page and have the black text “Ad” next to them. They are what we use for businesses that offer services. If your business offers a service alongside a product, we will use the Search campaign type for both of your offers. An example is one of our industry manufacturing clients who creates devices that large enterprises use. For this client, we utilize both Search and Shopping and Display Ads for retargeting customers to get them the maximum amount of leads possible. Need leads?

Shopping Campaign:

A Shopping Campaign is the best ad campaign form for e-commerce websites with many products and a decent budget. The image ads you see at the top of the Search Engine Ranking Page is what the Shopping Campaign looks like. Your customers will click on your product images based on price and search intent. For example, if a customer wants to purchase organic skincare, they may type that keyword in the search bar. Then, seeing the visual images that showcase the products, they will look for the best price, or a brand they are searching for, or the feeling that they get by looking at the packaging or the product. Of course factors like Free Shipping would play a part as well in the shopping decision making process. Shopping Campaign ads convert better when in conjunction to Search Campaign ads. Have an e-commerce store and a decent budget?

Display Campaign

We use a Display Campaign for showcasing your ad on third-party websites. We like using the Display Campaign in conjunction with Ad-Roll to turbo boost your reach. This way your ad can be shown in special retargeting efforts on the World Wide Web on various websites and blogs, social media, and on a mobile level. You can also have a video ad appear as a pre-roll before YouTube videos at the very top of the videos as a recommended video ad promoting it your searching customer lead. Google will also show your ads at the top of its Gmail email platform above your emails. Finally, your Display ad can show up on third-party apps that in Google’s app network.

Video Campaign

A video campaign comes in many forms. First, there are the ads that appear in front of  YouTube videos as pre-rolls, then there are the ads that appear at the top of the YouTube videos showing on the right handside as a promotional Google recommended video. But Google doesn’t stop here. Let’s talk about YouTube Ads next, because Google owns YouTube and I find that YouTube ads do convert. Interested in promoting your business using video ads?

YouTube Ads

YouTube Ads come in four main types. 1) Skippable in-stream ads 2) Non-skippable in-stream ads (such as bumper ads) 3) Video discovery ads 4) Non-video ads (overlays and banners). 

1) Skippable in-stream video ads

These ads play before your company’s video (this is called “pre-roll”) and or in the middle of the video which is known as “mid-roll”) The most important factor about this type of ad is to make sure the ad captures the viewer’s attention in the first two seconds. A catchy voice and message will often stop viewers in their tracks, and this is what you want. If your in-stream video is not to the point or is downright boring, it will not be successful and viewers will skip them after the first five seconds. The duration of your ad must be at least 12 seconds to under 3 minutes and you will only pay after certain viewer criteria are met. First, you will only pay YouTube/Google when viewers watch the first 30 seconds, or the whole video or if they follow through on the Call-to-Action such as clicking the button. To combine the Discovery Ads with this type of an Ad would make your campaign more successful as you are offering your potential lead a ton of Call to Action from all sides then. 

2) Non-skippable in-stream video ads

 Let’s face it, many people auto-skip ads after the first five seconds. People are busy and may just want to listen to a song, or get the information they are looking for quickly. So to avoid this, YouTube allows us to run pre-roll or mid-roll ads that have no skip button. This means, the viewer is forced to watch the ad. For this reason, the only time you should opt for this is if you have an ad creative that offers emotional and visual value and are doing a wide brand awareness campaign. These ads are billed at CPM (per 1000 views) or up to 20 seconds if you are in India, Malaysia, Mexico, Singapore or the Europe, Middle East or African areas.

3) Bumper Ads

Bumper ads are short six second ads that are a short version of your non-skippable in-stream ad. They are ads that we can have show up in the pre-roll, mid-roll, or post-roll (after the ad), and they are often used for awareness campaigns and reach campaigns.

4) Discovery Ads

Discovery ads are as mentioned the video ads that show up at the top of the search results on the side or on the organic search results. They show up as a recommended ad to the viewers. Discovery ads include three lines of text with an image thumbnail and if your viewers are interested and click on the ad they are set to your video page or YouTube channel. These types of ads will be great for a company that has a good budget and wants to increase their YouTube channel viewership and sell their relevant services or products. Need us to do your YouTube ads? 


Depending on your goals with your Google Ads campaigns, our Google Ads specialist can choose the best bidding strategy and type for your business. There are three main options for bidding. Cost-Per-Click (CPC) is how much you pay Google for your lead when a user clicks on your ad. Cost-Per-Mille (CPM) is how much you pay per 1000 ad impressions in other words when your ad is shown a thousand times. Cost-Per-Engagement (CPE) is how much you pay per the action your lead takes such as signing up for a list, or watching a video. As you can see there are many ad options out there, and it will take a true Google Ads specialist to master all of these ad types. We can do all of them. We can also do Bing Ads and those are great for an older market segment. Need more customers to visit your website? Contact us today!


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