LymphBright reached out to us because they were in need of a website. Apparently the first local web developer that built their site before us charged them a good amount, but didn’t even give them a mobile-friendly website. It was another case of website hijacking, where the developer demands more payment for services that should be included. We understood LB’s situation and decided that to save them time and money we would start with a custom landing page. They loved it and requested us to set up their Google Adwords campaign for them. We did, and we also optimized their Google local business page for them. Within days after we ran the ads and our optimization, LymphBright began to get clients. Our high-performing landing page did so well for them that they began to get calls daily. Shortly after our marketing campaign, LymphBright told us that they went from a one-person operation to having nine employees. This was a huge success for them.


Now that LymphBright had a bigger budget to invest, they reached out to us to build them their website (since then they changed it a bit but) the framework and the e-commerce area we built still remains the same. Upon LB’s request, we created a custom designed website for them and had our local copywriter write every single page with SEO keywords threaded within. This is because before we create a website we always look for the best keywords to make each page with for optimization purposes. We added an affiliate area which still remains the same and we created a gift card section which she since then upgraded to a monthly paid program. Because of their success, they were able to expand their business, hire a consultant and take their marketing in-house, and we are happy for them. They recently reached out to us because they needed custom coding done which their new in-house development team couldn’t do, and we obliged. This was a case of great results and we are now the side-custom coders for them.

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