The Cycles of Life came to us again as a repeat customer because they loved the full branding work we did for their first website. This time the owner came to us with a request. She explained that they had opened up a new location to rent bikes right on the Boardwalk in Atlantic City. She then explained that she didn’t have a clue as to what type of website, if it could be a landing page or what she needed and that she needed our help. She mentioned she wanted people to be able to rent bikes on the spot outside while she worked inside the store.


We created a mini website on her subdomain so we could optimize both her website and the landing page. Why did we not just add to her location, you might ask? It’s because this way her subdomain would be considered a different website; and thus with her location being different, Google would rank it higher~ this is why we did this


Right after we completed her website, the owner asked us to do her SEO for her, and in one day after optimizing her google location page, she went from zero and not ranking to 555 views. Her niche was not highly competitive but she outbeat her competitors just the same. Thereafter, we ranked her for top keywords in a month and people from all over who were visiting the Boardwalk began booking with her. She got so busy; now the traffic from her organic rankings continuously brings her customers. 

Here is a snapshot of month 1 one day after optimizing her Google my business page:


Here is a snapshot with results that we sent her in month 2 after doing local SEO with us.


Bike Rentals  Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Bike Rental  Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Boardwalk Bike Rentals Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Bike Rental Near me   Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Bicycle Rental Near me   Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Bicycle Rentals  Google page 1 top 1 Local Places

Bike Shop  Google Local Places 15th spot.     

Bike Repairs  Google Local Places 9th spot

Atlantic City Bike Rentals   Google Local Places page 1 top 1 

Tandem Bike Rental  Google Local Places page 1 top 1

We followed up with her to make sure our results were corresponding with her results and this is what she said:

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