Riconti Caffe reached out to us initially because a friend of ours recommended us to them. We then had several meetings. They told us at the time they had paid a website company that was top-notch and were waiting for their website. We told them we would wait. Three years later, Riconti contacted us again and mentioned that the other company never delivered, and that they had to find a separate company to help complete their website. When we looked at their website, we knew that we had to help. The text wasn’t centered, and functions were very confusing. Riconti mentioned to us that they needed a six-month marketing plan and we got to work adding what we could offer. So now we are implementing this one-by-one. 


Riconti was very interested in our pricing point which was more than 50% less than that of our competitors. They immediately hired us on the spot and we have begun their Amazon store setup process for their coffee products and machines. We did the photoshopping for their images and made sure they fit the requirements of 1600 pixels. They loved our photoshopping and we are in the process of completing their store for them. Need your Amazon store set up?


We recommended Riconti to hire us to fix their website first, then they wanted to do Facebook Ads with us. They didn’t want to spend too much on Facebook, so we went for a branding approach. They got a few comments on their post, and only did a quick campaign for one week. We included some follower growth on their Instagram page to add extra value and grew their followers from 10 to 30 almost immediately organically. We included A/B testing in our campaign and ended that strategy in a week. Next after we complete the Amazon setup we will do an influencer marketing campaign for them.

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